Kalen Reacts to Breakfast Cereal Waffle Cake



  • biba 27
    biba 27 an hour ago

    C R I N G E

  • Eva Marie
    Eva Marie an hour ago

    “with the black spectacles” 😂😂

  • FangirlInAFrenzy _
    FangirlInAFrenzy _ 2 hours ago

    Ion know when he came out but he seem like he tryna copy iamzoe and it’s not cute

  • Casinopoodle
    Casinopoodle 4 hours ago

    "That must be the dollar tree version!" I'm dead!

    KAYLEE YANG 4 hours ago+1

    This dude is too good to be true

  • Debudebuan Nur
    Debudebuan Nur 8 hours ago


  • Lu's Animation
    Lu's Animation 8 hours ago

    What a healthy breakfast 👌

  • Suga Genius
    Suga Genius 8 hours ago

    I would actually wanna eat it 😅

  • Asha DeSuza
    Asha DeSuza 10 hours ago

    lmaooo!!! I love this dude

  • torquey2
    torquey2 12 hours ago

    Lies you tell!!

  • Paarvati Sharma
    Paarvati Sharma 14 hours ago

    1:15 Kalen wants this so bad...

  • jamilah wester
    jamilah wester 17 hours ago

    my dude chill

  • sapphiro
    sapphiro 18 hours ago

    You should react to any howtobasic recipes Hahaha

  • Nikki Seals
    Nikki Seals 20 hours ago

    Not a chance in hell I would try that. 1. I hate buttercream. 2. Not a chocolate fan. 3. Hate the other cereals they used too. 4. I don't like waffles.

  • Nina
    Nina 21 hours ago


  • Bre Panda
    Bre Panda 22 hours ago

    He should react to vines.... he would roast so many people 😂

  • Rachel Karalnik
    Rachel Karalnik 23 hours ago

    "I feel sorry for your dentist baby" LMAO.

  • Nicole Jo
    Nicole Jo 23 hours ago

    Black spectacles 😩😩

  • I am
    I am yesterday

    You should put the link of the waffle cake video.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ yesterday

    At no point of that video I knew what was gonna happen