Lil Baby Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ

  • Published on:  8/8/2018
  • You've never seen watches like these ones before.

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    Lil Baby Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ


  • bee Lover
    bee Lover 13 minutes ago

    Man my jewelry collection is worth about 5 grand yeah I have a regular job.

  • IanGamingTV
    IanGamingTV 2 hours ago

    2pac DEFINITELY had the Star ring 1st

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  • PlayStationPlayz
    PlayStationPlayz 3 hours ago

    So ignorant

  • melanny
    melanny 3 hours ago

    i need a watch for college!!

  • Kylee Lee
    Kylee Lee 4 hours ago

    Gud gud gud jewelry 😐

  • tdm gang
    tdm gang 5 hours ago

    Get Yella beezy to do his jewelery

  • Хайдан
    Хайдан 7 hours ago

    Lmao who tf is lil baby

  • Cedrick Joseph
    Cedrick Joseph 8 hours ago

    0:20 😂

  • hailey _35
    hailey _35 12 hours ago

    He fine asfff ,daymm

  • faraday
    faraday 16 hours ago

    Dimonds are actually very common but the major mining idusturys choke distribution until they can flood the market with insane prices. Not to mention *there mined through slave labor*

  • calculatorguysstudio
    calculatorguysstudio 20 hours ago

    Tupac was the first with a star ring then Huston then everybody else

  • Zayne Speaks
    Zayne Speaks 22 hours ago

    Man I feel broke now 😎

  • azizajewelry
    azizajewelry 23 hours ago+1

    Cant give you enough props for saying you didn't go out and spend all of your money on jewelry first just to stunt and flex. Too many rappers and instagram stunters glorify that very thing, not realizing that diamonds are pretty valueless after you lose all of your money and try to re-sell your jewelry back to a jeweler or refinery. Invest your money first, then buy quality and valuable luxury items later...💰💰💰

  • Michael Washington

    Not sure how proud I would be of having all this jewelry when people are being kept as slaves and being murdered in the mines in Africa to provide you with stuff you don't even need. It's kind of sad really that people think this is what's important...

  • Ange Waters
    Ange Waters yesterday

  • Supreme
    Supreme yesterday

    Lil Baby will never be beat

  • Kamora O'Neal
    Kamora O'Neal yesterday


  • DeGoat DeRozan
    DeGoat DeRozan yesterday


  • Joshua Battle
    Joshua Battle yesterday