Man On Cruise Finds Dog On Deserted Island and Rescues Her | The Dodo

  • Published on:  8/6/2018
  • Man On Cruise Finds Dog Stranded On Deserted Island | This guy was on a cruise when he saw a dog stranded on a deserted island and knew he had to save her. To help David and Negrita support more shelters, you can supply Play For Strays with an item from their Amazon Wishlist: Follow them on Facebook for updates on their travels:

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  • The Dodo
    The Dodo  11 days ago+1655

    To help David and Negrita support more shelters, you can supply Play For Strays with an item from their Amazon Wishlist: . Follow them on Facebook for updates on their travels: .

    • Fernanda Herrera Ohg
      Fernanda Herrera Ohg 20 minutes ago

      The Dodo 👍👍👍👍

    • Informed Optimist
      Informed Optimist 22 hours ago

      Awkward Occurrences. John 3:16 - Shut up retard.

    • Jeneciya Reyes
      Jeneciya Reyes 2 days ago

      God loves you

    • The Truely Felicity For Now
      The Truely Felicity For Now 3 days ago+1

      The Dodo poor dog it looks that it hasn't eaten in a while

    • Plain White Wrapper
      Plain White Wrapper 3 days ago

      Mark Pierce the amazon South American l guess

    • Alejandro Felix
      Alejandro Felix 4 days ago

      The Dodo to

    • Mark Pierce
      Mark Pierce 4 days ago

      What savage nation did this take place in?

    • Plain White Wrapper
      Plain White Wrapper 4 days ago

      And. Never forget that a dog is a short part of your life ! But to the dog you are it’s whole life

    • Plain White Wrapper
      Plain White Wrapper 4 days ago+1

      Man that is so cool you did that my dog is a black shepherd mix that looks just like her l got him from a rescue shelter her in San Antonio Tex that’s so cool you did that !!!!!!!!!! My dog goes everywhere with me ! If l could send you a picture of him l would. But never let her go she is beutaful

  • whatwouldjeebusdo
    whatwouldjeebusdo 35 minutes ago


  • whatwouldjeebusdo
    whatwouldjeebusdo 37 minutes ago


  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon 40 minutes ago+1

    Thank god there are people on earth like this ❤️ 😭

  • Ttbbgg Ttbbgg
    Ttbbgg Ttbbgg 49 minutes ago+1

    This literally brought me to tears, I recently lost my cat when moving and cannot find him. Thank good for people that love animals. Good SPIRITUAL Superior people.

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent 30 minutes ago

      Ttbbgg Ttbbgg
      I’m so sorry about your kittty-boy!

  • Ttbbgg Ttbbgg
    Ttbbgg Ttbbgg 52 minutes ago

    God bless you so much!!!!

  • Ginger Forbes
    Ginger Forbes an hour ago


  • Philosophoenix
    Philosophoenix an hour ago

    This channel makes me tear up.

  • Chrissy Miller
    Chrissy Miller an hour ago

    thank you so much for helping that animal you are truly loving and caring thank you for ur compassion LETS ALL HELP TO SUPPORT TO HELP BUILD MORE SHELTERS!!! <3

  • Tens of DU
    Tens of DU an hour ago+1

    They tried to re-abandon the dog. As expected of South American Third-World Subhumans.

  • GeekyNerd
    GeekyNerd an hour ago


  • Olivia Morgan
    Olivia Morgan an hour ago

    God Bless ppl like that 💖......They are my hero's 💖........True Angels 💖

  • Jessie Rodriguez
    Jessie Rodriguez an hour ago

    Made me want to cry 😢

  • mean0 sacnee
    mean0 sacnee 2 hours ago

    You are a true man and hero
    You can tell a lot about people by how they treat animals

  • Alejandro Brooks
    Alejandro Brooks 2 hours ago

    Your so awesome (as simple as that ) love that there’s people like you around the world !!!! THANK YOU ,this made my day !!!!!!!

  • Gaming with Charlie
    Gaming with Charlie 2 hours ago

    How did he know the dog was named negrita?

  • Queen Amaya
    Queen Amaya 3 hours ago

    I'm totally not crying, you are...ok ill be honest i'm so happy that someone saved her, but then im sad some person, not if a human that demonic person would do that toa dog if you can't take care of a dog or don't want a dog THEN WHY GET ONE! smh...they could be in a family where they feel wanted and are actually loved...God will make them suffer...

  • DarkWarrior777
    DarkWarrior777 3 hours ago

    Good job David!!! You are a true hero!

  • Stevieskates05
    Stevieskates05 3 hours ago+1

    this man is from derry

  • Brooke R
    Brooke R 4 hours ago+1

    Tears. What a good man