• Published on:  12/9/2017
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    Best Water Park I've ever been to!!

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    Best Water Park Day Ever 687

    This is amazing!! The help in our presidential suite are the best!! We show you our home made breakfast and how great everything looks. I even get to drive one of the boats at our hotel!!

    Just a short distance away from our hotel, we arrive at one of the biggest water parks in the world, Wild Wadi Water Park. This place just goes on and on. We hit the lazy river that has tones of slides built into it, go down some awesome tube slides (one of them is like a skatepark water slide with tons of half pipes), and then Albert and I are pod racing in Dubai in this super scary slide where the floor moves out from under you to start. So much fun, you could say it was the biggest let down of my entire life (dad jokes)

    Speaking of Dad, we throw back to Utah to check in with Jenny who had her first official doctors appointment for the new baby. I'm so bummed I missed it. But looks like things are great.

    Back in Dubai, we were going to try and get trapped in a cage with giant sharks, like when Jenny and I did in Hawaii and she lost her top in a shark cage, but it didn't work out. So instead were going to go hang out with a friend who I met through social media, but I'm sending this footage to Brandon to you guys can have the day ever and tomorrow will be the continuation of today. love you tons, bye!!!!!!

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    Music: https://201tube.com/channel/UCoK5NOxkZBLfI_5eqf8Es4Q
    Music: https://201tube.com/channel/UCoK5NOxkZBLfI_5eqf8Es4Q

    Here's some stuff we use:
    Camera: https://201tube.com/channel/UCoK5NOxkZBLfI_5eqf8Es4Q
    Wide Lens: https://201tube.com/channel/UCoK5NOxkZBLfI_5eqf8Es4Q
    Zoom Lens: https://201tube.com/channel/UCoK5NOxkZBLfI_5eqf8Es4Q
    JOBY Pod: https://201tube.com/channel/UCoK5NOxkZBLfI_5eqf8Es4Q
    Cool Longboards: https://201tube.com/channel/UCoK5NOxkZBLfI_5eqf8Es4Q
    Sweet Keyboard: https://201tube.com/channel/UCoK5NOxkZBLfI_5eqf8Es4Q
    Rad Headsets: https://201tube.com/channel/UCoK5NOxkZBLfI_5eqf8Es4Q
    DXRacer Chairs: https://201tube.com/channel/UCoK5NOxkZBLfI_5eqf8Es4Q
    Other HyperX Stuff: https://201tube.com/channel/UCoK5NOxkZBLfI_5eqf8Es4Q

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